Friday, May 4, 2012

DieDra Thebluesdiva Sings for Trayvon Martin's Family

Local Blues diva DieDra was invited by the NAACP to sing at the rally held yesterday in honor of Trayvon Martin.

The rally took place at the Kelly Ingram Park on the corner of 17th st and 5th ave North but was moved inside the Black History building due to rain.

At 12:30 PM the Pre Rally was held, where DieDra sang and several others recited poetry. Speakers included Hezikieh Jackson , Presdient of the NAACP.

 At 1PM there was a Hoodie Rally which was also cut short due to rain. The Martin's family lawyer made a speech and Trayvon's parents spoke briefly. Later, at Pearson Hall Court in Fairfield, there was a town hall meeting hosted by Miles College.

"I was contacted by Laquita Middleton..Staff of the NAACP on Monday." said DieDra. "I had no idea this was happening. She told me that they were contacted and told that the family was making a stop in Birmingham and they had 3 days to put together the event."

"To me..This is not a black or a white issue.." DieDra added "It is... 'A mother lost her teenage son to murder' issue! I always say, this mothers tears are the same color as yours and mine. A broken heart is a broken heart. All the justice in the world will never let that mother kiss her son again or she will never hear his voice again..And that is what I see. I have three sons and they were there. Not because mama was singing, but because they realize this world is scary..And a bullet does not have a name on it!"

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