Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Some Dark Holler's Self Titled EP

By Jamison Taylor

Some Dark Holler's Self Titled EP is a must have addition to your Birmingham Music library.
Riding music. It cleanses the soul and relaxes the mind. It allows you the selfish indulgence of "me" time.
Just you and the highway. Maybe your windows are down on a beautiful sunny day. Maybe they're up and
you're driving through a rain storm. Your volume up as loud as it will go without distorting, maybe set the cruise.

Here is the soundtrack for this drive:

Some Dark Holler's self titled EP is riding music from beginning to end. The current version, which is
available for FREE at http://www.thisisamericanmusic.com, is an exploration into a deep southern upbringing with a free and liberal culmination. Chris Porter, SDH's frontman and creative voice, bares some truly dark stories of the rural landscape.(pun intended) With Helen Gassenheimer providing the beautiful siren harmony vocals and haunting fiddle melodies, there's no question that the band's name comes directly from their sound.

The album opens with Purple Hearts, a soft spoken rolling tale that is poetically tragic and gorgeous all at the same time. The catchy harmonies will have you singing along immediately. Abigail is a ditty (yes ditty!)

Simple. Dark. Beautiful. Pills and Kerosene, Sweet Red Wine, and Cry for Me will definitely keep you in your seat for the finale. Cottonmouth is a southern masterpiece. Eery, scary, yet inviting. A visual and hypnotic trance that will stay on your playlist for months, at least it did mine. GET THIS EP. It's FREE!

The band plans to release a new EP mid summer with the 6 tracks off of Some Dark Holler and 6-8 new
tracks. I recently caught up with SDH's Chris Porter at their recent show at Metro Bar and talked about the band's music and plans. Porter is between Birmingham and Austin and will be doing some regional touring with the sensational Bonnie Whitmore as well as some SDH dates including a couple of shows at Birmingham's The Bottletree Cafe on May 10th and again in July. On this particular night at Metro Bar their performance was stellar. Porter and Helen have a great on stage chemistry and the music was entrancing. Joined on the bass by Eric Onimus the trio have something very special and contagious in their music. With a sneak peak at some new music as well as an amazing cover of Springsteen's I'm On Fire I simply can't wait to see them again. And it won't be long, May 10th at The Bottletree Cafe is your next opportunity. Don't miss it!


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