Saturday, May 19, 2012

Vallejo's Alabama Connection

By Doug Ward

Vallejo has been around a long damn time. When I say that I mean around HERE a long damn time. These rockers might CLAIM to be an Austin band in the bio. But a lot of you old bastards like me out there will remember them playing places around here like the Maylene civic center somewhere around 1987 . Back then the band's set included Judas Priest , The Cult , The Clash , Ozzie etc...all the staple songs a young band in the 80s played while learning the craft.

Yes guys, you may have been raised in El Campo, Texas ..You might have risen to take your place near the top of the Rock in Austin , MTV might have put your music on 'The Jersey Shore" but you paid your dues here in Alabama a long time ago. I have video to prove it but that's another story.

Vallejo might not mention Alabama in the bio but they have always come back. Omar and the guys played City Stages several times...They recorded the album Sins here in Birmingham back in 1994. As far as I am concerned these are “Local boys made good” and I am proud.

Twelve albums to date and still rocking. "Just Another Day" from the self titled album should have been enough to push them to mainstream near super stardom. The tune had a catchy “ Beck like” vibe that should have been chart topping but for some reason it never really charted."If I was President"  from the 1998 album Beautiful Life is a funky masterpiece. From the 1st album on the musicianship of this band has grown by leaps and bounds. Some of the guitar work is amazing. The Latin fused drums make you want to just groove to the sound. This is powerful stuff.

The world now seems to have realized all this. Vallejo's music has been featured in TV shows like True Blood, MTVs Road Rules, The Unusuals , Roswell, Next Top model, etc. These guys have been produced by Emilio Estefan Jr., but they also recorded one of their best albums ( Black Sky) in the back of the frigging tour bus. With WAY too much talent Omar , A.J., Alejandro, Bruce and Alex are a flat out groove machine. 

Come see this unstoppable force :

Fri June 1st Rouge Tavern

Sat June 2nd Alabaster City fest with Lonestar , Everclear, Deputy 5 , and 2Blue and the Lucky Stiffs

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