Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Alamantra's Workingman's Bread: A Review?

Luckily for me people from all over and from all genres send me their music for me to check out. Having grown up in and around music I developed a simple technique for judging its worth to me..."do I want to hear it?" I have sat so many times with music that had such poor sound quality, rough or simplistic guitar parts, unhinged horns inserted for no reason, apparently other than a friend owned a trumpet. I've suffered through drummers who can't quite keep the beat. I've heard bands that just couldn't seem to tighten up no matter what they do. But then, somehow some of these bands still have that quality, some essence that makes me want to put it on and listen, not to judge, review or promote, but for enjoyment.

I've heard some of the most polished, technically proficient, bad-ass jamming groups. Groups that as I listened to them I was amazed at how they sounded...I was so incredibly impressed with their abilities that ... But then I pull the CD out of the computer, or click the link on my player and forget about them forever. Why?...  I couldn't tell you...that's the reason I hate reviews. Some guy, somewhere, is telling you what you need to like. If for no other reason than he chose it for you to read about/listen to. He has some arrogance that says you need to like what he says. Herein lies my psychotherapy moment.

There is only one possible salvation for me in this scenario. With my deeply engrained distaste for authority, even when held within myself, I will not engage in the self important job of critic. But, in truth, I have to put it out there sometimes. I have to share. I get so much cool stuff and communicate daily with so many creative musicians who, frankly, instill in me a joy through their musical offerings, that I become compelled to roll it all out to anyone else who might listen.

So if I could do anything at all I would share the moments. Not Oprah moments, or Hallmark moments, but mine, as I put on the music and the sounds help, or entertain, or make me angry...

That's what brings me to Alamantra. Workingman's Bread is one of the albums I keep rolling back to. After I listen to music all day, after I work to find cool stuff, after I look for the news, I click on the icon of Workingman's Bread. I wash my dishes to it, I build shelves to it, and I put it on the headphones, pumping it into my ears while I type away. I could tell you it's psychedelic rock...but they mix in a lot of other genres. I could tell you Workingman's Bread is a clean, well produced album which still retains an enjoyable soul. I could tell you I like to try to hear all the lyrics because they're somewhat like a puzzle, with a message you feel compelled to follow. And I could tell you that when I'm listening to it I feel the urge to sway. But I think the main thing I could tell you is to click the link and have a listen. I get shit tons of music through what I do. This is one of the ones I'm sharing. 


  • Workingman's Bread
Alamantra: Workingman


  1. Thanks for the review BFP! You guys are awesome! We added it to our review widget with a link back to this page at http://alamantra.org/wmb

  2. Ashley Hoefer FrostMay 30, 2012 at 2:52 PM

    Great band! Great sound!