Thursday, May 3, 2012

Alamantra: Workingman's Bread


A lot of musicians have been active with BFP Music. So I want to start a thing. I often start things. That's what all this BFP Music is. I want to feature a new band each day who has been involved with BFP Music. We've avoided the unrelenting hype, the obnoxious self promotion which so many other music outlets engage in, and quietly built up a relationship with area musicians. This being the case, I actually feel good using the term BFP Community. Other musicians have used it before me. So it makes me proud. - Lee Waites

Please take the time to click on the links below and check out this local band who is an invaluable member of the BFP Music Community.
Today's featured band is Alamantra.


  • Bobby Shiflett: Guitar, Vox
  • Brandon Allison: Drums
  • Rick Glaze: Bass, Vox
  • Steve Casteel: Guitar
City: Birmingham

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  • Workingman's Bread
Alamantra: Workingman