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The Dirty Clergy Return from Touring Triumphant and Not Dead

The Dirty Clergy return triumphant and not dead from their adventurous whirlwind tour. Now they are ready to play one for the home team. You can go see them at Speakeasy, Friday the 1st of June. See what kind of crazy they were exporting to other states. Ask them about their near death experience. Talk to them about the great wide world out there and find out what kind of food they ate while on tour. Buy them a beer and make terrible cover song requests.

Welcome home guys!

Read about their near death experience! Click here! (it really wasn't all that near, but still freaky!)

Red Clay Revival and Donna Hopkins: Benefit for Space One Eleven

Press Release
Local News
For Immediate Release

May 30, 2012
Contact: Doug McElvy
Cell: (334) 414-4447

Red Clay Revival and Donna Hopkins do a concert to benefit Space One Eleven
Birmingham, Ala.(June 1, 2012) — Tuscaloosa’s Red Clay Revival and Alabama native, Donna Hopkins will be playing at Zydeco on Friday, June 1, 2012. Hosted by Out of Square Designs, proceeds of the concert will benefit Space One Eleven (SOE). In an effort to promote local art and give back to the community, five to six local artists with art work for sale at Zydeco on the 1st, the proceeds from the art work sales and door cost will go to helping space one eleven.  We are hoping to raise awareness for the "A Red Clay Revival Music and arts Festival" that we are holding Sep 7.8, 9th  at horse pens 40 also produced by Out of Square Designs and For the benefit Space One eleven! we will have local beer vendors and Several Local artist and local and national bands at the festival in Sep.  

For photos, interviews and other information, contact Doug McElvy, (334) 414-4447.
About Space One Eleven:
Space One Eleven (SOE) is a visual arts nonprofit founded in Birmingham, Alabama in 1986. SOE operates with a mission to provide professional opportunities for artists, create a forum for public understanding of contemporary art and offer arts education to area youth. SOE believes that art is where you find it, whether from a Birmingham artist, a nationally recognized artist or a creative youth in a local Birmingham neighborhood. Run by artists, formed by place, and celebrating cutting-edge art that stretches the imagination, SOE incorporates these principles into all of our programs as we deal with art, community and public discourse. For more information visit

About Out of Square Design:
Local artist, Ronnie Crutchfield, creates woodwork with salvaged materials from abandoned homes, barns and outbuildings. In an attempt to give the story behind these structures and the people who called them home, Crutchfield tries to include the details unique to each property. From the backwoods of St. Clair Co. to the homes destroyed in the 2011 tornado, Crutchfield constructs “frames, furniture and funk.” For more information visit /pages/Out-of-Square-Design.

About Red Clay Revival:
Red Clay Revival, dug fresh out of Tuscaloosa, is an all-star collection of experienced musicians who bring a creative and unexacting sound for all of their foot stomping guest to enjoy. Melding the essence of Americana rock, their sounds include a soulful voice, backed by a Newgrass, Roots Rock, and Acoustic Bluegrass style. With an underlying passion to spread joyful music to their audiences, Red Clay Revival digs up the freshest tunes and is blazing new trails far and wide for everyone to boogie on down. A new album with very special guest Keller Williams, Larry and Jenny Keel and Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth will be available at the end of July. Visit for concert posters, free downloads and booking information.

About Donna Hopkins:
Arab native Donna Hopkins, began playing music in Huntsville and Muscle Shoals at a young age. After relocating to Birmingham and later to Nashville, Hopkins spent eight years on the road. She traveled to the Dakotas, Montana and Las Vegas, before settling in Atlanta 14 years ago. Hopkins recently released a solo album, “Free To Go.” Donna has continued her own tradition of gigs and travel. She appears frequently around the Southeast with the Women of Rock, an acoustic songwriter-in-the-round performance that also features musicians, Caroline Aiken and Diane Durrette. For more information visit

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Music at the White House!

Music at the White House! Byoauw - byoauw - byoauw! Music at the White House!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Today's Hard on BFP Music: The Maple Key

The first track I'm listening to is "Flood and Alter." It's melodic and friendly. I could be listening to the Allman Brothers...this is OK. I'm nice and safe. There aren't any lyrics yet. But I can tell when they...HOLY SHIT! THERE THEY GO! They tricked me. I was floating down a peaceful river of sound. I didn't see the rapids ahead. Now I'm being tossed and smacked around. HELP!!!

It's cleanly produced and tight. The sound is cruel. The energy is nervous but well composed. There is proficiency of jamming, as if on the way to the Phish concert the "guys" got too close to the radioactive waste carrying truck (those are everywhere) which flipped over, crashing and spilling all over the place and mutating all of the members of The Maple Key into harsh creatures. Now they wander the world in darkness with a sickness to smash-jam! It's interesting and I will want to see more.

Alamantra's Workingman's Bread: A Review?

Luckily for me people from all over and from all genres send me their music for me to check out. Having grown up in and around music I developed a simple technique for judging its worth to me..."do I want to hear it?" I have sat so many times with music that had such poor sound quality, rough or simplistic guitar parts, unhinged horns inserted for no reason, apparently other than a friend owned a trumpet. I've suffered through drummers who can't quite keep the beat. I've heard bands that just couldn't seem to tighten up no matter what they do. But then, somehow some of these bands still have that quality, some essence that makes me want to put it on and listen, not to judge, review or promote, but for enjoyment.

I've heard some of the most polished, technically proficient, bad-ass jamming groups. Groups that as I listened to them I was amazed at how they sounded...I was so incredibly impressed with their abilities that ... But then I pull the CD out of the computer, or click the link on my player and forget about them forever. Why?...  I couldn't tell you...that's the reason I hate reviews. Some guy, somewhere, is telling you what you need to like. If for no other reason than he chose it for you to read about/listen to. He has some arrogance that says you need to like what he says. Herein lies my psychotherapy moment.

There is only one possible salvation for me in this scenario. With my deeply engrained distaste for authority, even when held within myself, I will not engage in the self important job of critic. But, in truth, I have to put it out there sometimes. I have to share. I get so much cool stuff and communicate daily with so many creative musicians who, frankly, instill in me a joy through their musical offerings, that I become compelled to roll it all out to anyone else who might listen.

So if I could do anything at all I would share the moments. Not Oprah moments, or Hallmark moments, but mine, as I put on the music and the sounds help, or entertain, or make me angry...

That's what brings me to Alamantra. Workingman's Bread is one of the albums I keep rolling back to. After I listen to music all day, after I work to find cool stuff, after I look for the news, I click on the icon of Workingman's Bread. I wash my dishes to it, I build shelves to it, and I put it on the headphones, pumping it into my ears while I type away. I could tell you it's psychedelic rock...but they mix in a lot of other genres. I could tell you Workingman's Bread is a clean, well produced album which still retains an enjoyable soul. I could tell you I like to try to hear all the lyrics because they're somewhat like a puzzle, with a message you feel compelled to follow. And I could tell you that when I'm listening to it I feel the urge to sway. But I think the main thing I could tell you is to click the link and have a listen. I get shit tons of music through what I do. This is one of the ones I'm sharing. 


  • Workingman's Bread
Alamantra: Workingman

Monday, May 21, 2012

Freedom Creek Blues Festival


The internationally acclaimed 15th Annual Freedom Creek Festival will take place on Saturday June 2nd, at 1438 Wilder Circle, Aliceville, Alabama. The all star line features Eddie C.Campbell and Robert Belfour plus the Mississipi Nightingales, Clarance Davis, Ms. Johnnie and the Jammers, Big Joe Shelton, Russell Gulley Trio, and so much more. Admission suggested donation of $10. All proceeds go to the Rural Members Association. Doors open at 10am music starts at 11am. Free overnight camping available. More info at

This is approximately a two hour drive from downtown Birmingham: {{{Click for Directions}}}  

"Scream It Like You Mean It!" Massive Metal Tour Coming to Sloss!

ATTENTION! Coming to Birmingham at Sloss Furnace! Gigantic metal show. Reaction Media is bringing a giant metal tour to Sloss this Summer. Large crowds are expected so you should order your tickets early. Check back with us frequently for a list of any local bands added to this show. We have the inside scoop that there will be at least two local favorites playing.

We at BFP Music thought we should get this out there so any of our readers could go ahead and check it out. We will do a follow up to announce the additional bands and any other information we acquire. We would also love any feedback before or after the show to let us know what you think/thought. 


Join: BFP Metal Group

 Scream It Like You Mean It 2012

FRIDAY, JULY 13, 2012
@ Sloss Furnace - Birmingham, AL
All-Ages | 2:00pm | $23 Adv, $25 Dos
Ticket Link:



Videos: - Attack Attack! - "The Wretched" **NEW** - Attack Attack! - "Smokeahontas" - Attack Attack! - "Stick Stickly" - We Came As Romans - "Mis//Understanding" - We Came As Romans - "To Plant A Seed" - The Acacia Strain - "The Impaler" - The Acacia Strain - "The Hills Have Eyes"


Official Links:

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sipsey River Steels

Birmingham has more to offer than just musicians. There is a burgeoning music business community as well, from retail instruments to recording studios, or equipment sales, to various custom offerings. One excellent example of a custom designer here in town is Jack Dudley of Sipsey River Steels (SRS), who has provided some custom creative pieces for musicians in the form of lap steel guitars.     

"As a kid, I was always looking for a piece of wood to whittle or drive a nail into. I was always tinkering and creating something, be it a birdhouse or a drum, a tree fort or a walking stick. I loved to experiment with wood, and that drive to create never ceased or even slowed as I grew older." - Jack Dudley

"I grew up in a musical family," says Dudley. "My parents played nightclubs in the northeastern US for a living, so it was natural at some point for me to pick up an instrument. I began playing bass at 11, and when I was about 17, I heard Jaco Pastorius for the first time on the Heavy Weather Album. At the time, I was playing a 1963 pre CBS Fender P-bass. I noticed that Jaco had plucked the frets out of his fender, and decided that I wanted to learn to play fretless bass. I subsequently plucked the frets out of my bass, (If I had known what that bass would be worth today, I NEVER would have done It.) and being that hindsight is 2020, and because I did not have another bass, I was forced to learn what the word intonation really meant. After hacking on the thing for awhile, (I’m sure those around me were being more than kind for not giving up on me) I began to develop my own style."

Dudley's laps have been used by a number of renowned musicians:
  • Multi-award winning Australian lap steel virtuoso, Andrew Winton. "We co-designed (via skype) a 13 string monster named "Lucky 13" which has since become his main instrument. He just completed a 70+ show, 3 month tour using it. He says that it is somewhat of a curse, because he has to explain the damn thing to everybody that sees it! He is flying over here to demonstrate my guitars at the summer NAMM show, Nashville, July 12-14 (on his own nickel, mind ya) and will be hanging out for a couple weeks after NAMM, here in B'ham. He will be conducting a lap steel clinic at City Vineyard/280 on July 21 from noon to 2pm. and will be performing a show immediately following at 2. For those who might know who Andrew is, you will be missing something HUGE if you don't set the date aside. This guys a monster!"
  •  World Renown bluegrass player Jerry Douglas: "Another guy who has one of my guitars is none other than the worlds most recognized dobro monster, Jerry Douglas. He has about a million Grammys, and performs with Allison Krauss and Union Station, as well as having plenty of his own thing going on at any given moment. He say's he absolutely loves his SRS, and plans on playing it publicly with his fusion gigs. He did do a commercial for an upcoming Ella Fitzgerald tribute using his SRS, which I thought was pretty cool."
  • Andy Hall:  "Andy Hall, dobro player for "The Infamous Stringdusters" also has one of my Hollow body electric models, and has said that it is absolutely "Badass". I originally met Andy in my first meeting with Jerry Douglas, at Fender studio's/Nashville"

 "I grew up in a musical family," says Dudley. "My parents played nightclubs in the northeastern US for a living, so it was natural at some point for me to pick up an instrument. I began playing bass at 11, and when I was about 17, I heard Jaco Pastorius for the first time on the Heavy Weather Album. At the time, I was playing a 1963 pre CBS Fender P-bass. I noticed that Jaco had plucked the frets out of his fender, and decided that I wanted to learn to play fretless bass. I subsequently plucked the frets out of my bass, (If I had known what that bass would be worth today, I NEVER would have done It.) and being that hindsight is 2020, and because I did not have another bass, I was forced to learn what the word intonation really meant. After hacking on the thing for awhile, (I’m sure those around me were being more than kind for not giving up on me) I began to develop my own style."

 "In the meantime, I got married to my wonderful wife, and began to raise a family.
I never stopped playing, and to date, I have now been playing fretless bass for 30 years.
I never lost the desire to create with wood, and because of the lack of quality fretless basses on the market, I began building my own instruments. What I began chiefly to satisfy myself has blossomed into a passion to build great fretless basses, in hopes that others will find as much pleasure playing them as I find building them."

"Now, concerning the Sipsey Steel, that was a complete accident. It all started in the summer of 2008. Me and my son threw the flat bottom boat in the back of my truck and decided to take a day trip to west Alabama. In our travels that day, we stopped at the Sipsey River and motored our way upstream. We were just out for a ride, and enjoying ourselves thoroughly. We came to an area where there were a lot of cypress trees, and a farmer had cut a path through a pile of cypress knees to allow his cows to reach the river to drink. I thought the knees looked pretty neat, and being who I am, figured that I could make something out of them later, so we threw a few in the boat.They laid around the shop for months, and I actually thought about throwing them out on several occasions. In the meantime, my brother kept asking me to build him a lap steel out of some walnut that I had in the shop, and on a whim, I decided to try and build one out of the cypress knees. The rest is history. My love for tinkering with wood coupled with my brother’s persistence to build him a lap steel, is responsible for Sipsey Steel."

Youh Jam 2012 in Gadsden

When: Tuesday May 22nd 6:00pm until 10:00pm

Where: 215 N 4th Street, Gadsden, AL 35901

Squirt Gun Warriors - Synth/Ska from Baton Rouge, LA
Apollo 11 - Pop/Punk from Gadsden, AL
The Andies - Ska/Rock from Gadsden, AL

This is an all ages alcohol free show. 6pm-10pm.

Water, trail mix and fruit available for guests.
$5.00 Club Donations at the door for non-members.
Club members get in free...

Sunday Morning Clean Up

    Take your Sunday morning constitution and wrap your head around last week. Next week is coming. Here's what we looked at! 
      We received lots of requests for band coverage and we are working on that now. If you sent me a request it is in line...and thank you very much!/freepressmusic

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We added a few followers on Soundcloud. You can follow us there and add music if you're local. 

Follow BFP Music on Soundcloud. We'll rotate songs into this stream.
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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Toomer's For Tuscaloosa Benefit @ Workplay

What: Toomer's For Tuscaloosa Benefit.
Friday, June 1, 2012. till 12:30 or later

Where: @Workplay theatre

500 23rd Street South Birmingham, AL

Featuring::: Todd Simpson, Sudden Impact, Hope For A Downfall and Alive In Wonderland. This is going to be one heck of a show! Join us! Let's show 'em how we do it here in Alabama and pack this place out!

This will be an awesome time for you to enjoy a night out, and meet some of the friends you have made through social media relief efforts! Most of you know that we are still working hard to help storm survivors and also working to replenish our supplies for tornado season, which we are in now.

Tickets are now on sale, you can purchase tickets through.

18+ age to attend. Or if ur under 18 you have to be accompanyed with a person 18+

$20 ticket and door charge , with all ticket sales going only to relief efforts.

The bands are playing for free for this benefit show , so come out and support your local Birmingham bands and support your state and community in its rebuild.

__________________________ ____________________________ Bio on each of our awesome bands:

TODD SIMPSON AND MOJO CHILD is a band out of Alabama that have blues roots, combined with a southern rock flair. Todd and Mojo Child have been playing as a band for 2 years and have already made quite a name for themselves. Todd's story is one of struggles and miracles. Todd has had numerous open heart surgeries and takes a monthly treatment due to an Immune Deficiesncy disorder. Although dyslexic Todd has not let anything stop him from pursuing his dream! Todd picked up the guitar at seventeen and literally days later played his first show. Disabilties that were once thought of as huge challenges are now considered amazing gifts. Todd plays from his soul, he has little or no knowledge of formal music training, Todd sees colors while playing and these colors take him on a journey with each and every song. Todd started playing harmonica at nine much the same way he did the guitar. Todd said he could feel the music, Big Bo McGee an Alabama blues legend bestowed the name Mojo Child , hence the band name Todd Simpson and Mojo Child. A Todd Simpson show is commonly refered to as the Todd Simpson experience by his fans. Rarely will you experience a more high energy, ever changing, emotional musical event! In a short time Todd and the band have played premiere venues throughout the south as well as college campuses in seven states. Todd Simpson has shared the stage with The Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, Huey Lewis,Paul Thorn and Phil Lesh and friends. Todd's blazing renditions of famous songs such as Voodoo Chile, Purple Haze, Purple Rain, Little Wing,The Sky is Crying along with originals always has the crowd on their feet and the party full speed ahead!

SUDDEN IMPACT is the ultimate band to satisfy anyone’s musical appetite. The band delivers an energy packed punch at every show. A Sudden Impact-ed punch to be exact! The band has the perfect song list with a high energy mix of popular songs from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, to current Top 40. The band is a collective group of seasoned female musicians who came together to play the best music from all genre’s. Each band member is very active with programs that benefit the needy, and maintain hard work, dedication, and a love and passion for music has now formed one of the most unique all girls band in the South. Welcome to SUDDEN IMPACT they are definitely THE band to catch live!

HOPE FROM A DOWNFALL was inspired by difficult times that each of the members have had to confront throughout life. Everyone can relate to difficult times. However, when there is hope, there is a better tomorrow. The meaning is strong and uplifting no matter what the circumstances are. The band is comprised of four members which includes Jake at rhythm guitar, Alx handling lead guitar and vocals, ...Alex playing bass, and Adam rocking the drums. At one point or another it seems all members have played with each other in different groups. Some how they all ended up in the same band almost as if it were fate. Currently the band resides out of Fultondale which is just a mile North of the Birmingham city limit. The music being produced from these talented musicians is something you can feel and relate to. There is something for everyone in this new variety of music which is sure to leave you wanting more!

Alive in Wonderland has their own unique emotional style of music, Amanda Johnston has a mellow, angelic voice and she plays piano solely by ear. Amanda and Austin write their own music and lyrics. Amanda has been the front woman of two bands. Austin Lockhart plays electric/acoustic and bass.

Vallejo's Alabama Connection

By Doug Ward

Vallejo has been around a long damn time. When I say that I mean around HERE a long damn time. These rockers might CLAIM to be an Austin band in the bio. But a lot of you old bastards like me out there will remember them playing places around here like the Maylene civic center somewhere around 1987 . Back then the band's set included Judas Priest , The Cult , The Clash , Ozzie etc...all the staple songs a young band in the 80s played while learning the craft.

Yes guys, you may have been raised in El Campo, Texas ..You might have risen to take your place near the top of the Rock in Austin , MTV might have put your music on 'The Jersey Shore" but you paid your dues here in Alabama a long time ago. I have video to prove it but that's another story.

Vallejo might not mention Alabama in the bio but they have always come back. Omar and the guys played City Stages several times...They recorded the album Sins here in Birmingham back in 1994. As far as I am concerned these are “Local boys made good” and I am proud.

Twelve albums to date and still rocking. "Just Another Day" from the self titled album should have been enough to push them to mainstream near super stardom. The tune had a catchy “ Beck like” vibe that should have been chart topping but for some reason it never really charted."If I was President"  from the 1998 album Beautiful Life is a funky masterpiece. From the 1st album on the musicianship of this band has grown by leaps and bounds. Some of the guitar work is amazing. The Latin fused drums make you want to just groove to the sound. This is powerful stuff.

The world now seems to have realized all this. Vallejo's music has been featured in TV shows like True Blood, MTVs Road Rules, The Unusuals , Roswell, Next Top model, etc. These guys have been produced by Emilio Estefan Jr., but they also recorded one of their best albums ( Black Sky) in the back of the frigging tour bus. With WAY too much talent Omar , A.J., Alejandro, Bruce and Alex are a flat out groove machine. 

Come see this unstoppable force :

Fri June 1st Rouge Tavern

Sat June 2nd Alabaster City fest with Lonestar , Everclear, Deputy 5 , and 2Blue and the Lucky Stiffs

Follow me on twitter @Dougward5

Friday, May 18, 2012

Tornado Benefit - Gen X: Back From the Ashes

GEN X: Back from the Ashes to TTown started as a grass roots effort to raise money and awareness for all areas affected by the April 27, 2011 tornadoes as well as damaging storms that followed months later. The event has been promoted through social media and has gained momentum quickly. Good Day Alabama has scheduled an interview for June 8, 2012 to promote and raise awareness for the event.

The West Alabama Chapter of the American Red Cross will receive all donations given at the music event, set to be held at Rhythm and Brews on June 9, 2012.

“We thought it would be fun to get some of the bands who played ‘The Strip’ in the 90's, back to Tuscaloosa to play for this important cause,” said Alabama Alum, Jennifer Tidmore, Chairman of the Gen X event.

“We are all still connected to Tuscaloosa and would like to give back to the community who has endured so much since last April. Many surrounding areas have also been affected from the April tornadoes, and even more recently with the devastating January 23 tornadoes. It was quickly decided any money we could generate from the event would be donated. Soon after the idea was conceived, the Red Cross Disaster Relief became involved and here we are,” explained Tidmore.

There is no charge for the event but donations will be accepted at the door, with the first musical act starting at 6:00pm. The West Alabama Chapter of the American Red Cross will be on site accepting donations and receipts will be provided for any donation over $50.00.

Rhythm and Brews donated their staff and space for the June 9 event and Greene Beverage Company of Tuscaloosa will be a sponsor. The musical line up for the evening includes popular acts and bands from the 90’s era including: Zippy Dieterich with guest, Jeff Lopez; Hal Bruni; The Jones Brothers; The Love Apples; Channel 99; Daisy Chain; Law of Nature; and headliner, The Indiana Jones Band.

Gen X: Back From the Ashes on Facebook

About the American Red Cross:
The American Red Cross shelters, feeds and provides emotional support to victims of disasters; supplies more than 40 percent of the nation's blood; teaches skills that save lives; provides international humanitarian aid; and supports military members and their families. The Red Cross is a not-for-profit organization that depends on volunteers and the generosity of the American public to perform its mission. For more information, please visit or join our blog at
My five-year-old son, Will, is a huge fan of the Magic Tree House children’s book series. The books, which chronicle 10-year-old Jack and 8-year-old Annie’s adventures back in time by way of a magic tree house, teach children (and adults!) about all sorts of historical events, time periods, regions...

For more information please contact: Jennifer Tidmore, (205) 461-7704 or

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Today's Infinite Add-Up Selection: Andy Spain

Today's Infinite Add-Up Selection is Andy Spain. Andy's Facebook page claims he is "pioneering Sci-Folk music by merging folkways with futurism." If you listen to his album Love in the Age of Circuitry you get just that. Released in 2010, it explores man's place in the modern world. He melds modern themes with his folksy, sometimes humorous delivery. 

In late 2011 Andy hit on a more earthy theme, Autumn. In this 3 track album, titled Fall Festival which is available for free download (, Spain slips into a slightly more melancholy mood. His style is a consistent smooth folk, though he claims a bit of alternative. His offerings are lyrical and poetic. 

His self proclaimed influences are:  "Neil Young, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Radiohead, Frank Black, Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen, Isaac Asimov, Douglas Adams, George Lucas." When you listen to his music, though, you are able to isolate those influences out through his experimental subject matter, hence the three sci-fi references at the end. I would throw in a little They Might Be Giants and Arlo Guthrie just to accentuate his explorative nature.     

Just a guess, but I would watch for Andy to come out with some offerings that will further stretch an intellectual aspect of folk. I could even see his genre shifting from time to time to keep up with his imagination. But I would not see him lose his mindful approach to music. I believe there is an underlying flow and interpretive quality to what he is putting out that will continue to gracefully grow and peacefully avoid stagnation.

Andy Spain 

  • Love in the Age of Circuitry
Andy Spain: Love In the Age of Circuitry

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Newsletter: George Scherer "acoustic music for electric times"

george scherer
"acoustic music for electric times"

got a busy week coming up, hope you can make some of the shows

Wed, 5/16
marty's, party, if it rhymes it means good times

Thurs, 5/17
George's Open Mic and Jam
Roller Coaster
(19th St, Bessemer)
bring your guitar and become a star

Fri, 5/18
Good People Brewing Co
(1st Ave and 14th St, S)
Opening for Motel Ice Machine and I'm sure some headlights will be shining before my set is over.

Sat, 5/19
George Scherer & the Headlights,
w/Sam Pointer on various lead instruments
Wine'd Down
(Patton Creek, Hoover)
If you stray, the headlights are sure to light your way.  Come kick it with us.

"groovy times are guaranteed"

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Some Stuart McNair

Here's a little free Stuart Mcnair for you! I just felt like listening to Stuart for a bit.
Stuart McNair: Climbing a Mountain





“Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires exemplify the new strain of Southern rock that’s come to life in the post-Drive-By Truckers era. A former member of Dexateens, Bains specializes in straightforward, catchy songs that sit somewhere amidst The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, The Allman Brothers and David Bowie circa “Panic in Detroit.” The guitars provide plenty of hooks that say something about the emotional life of these punk-loving, down-home Southerners — their pain is undisguised, but they cut the angst with music that can be austere and mysterious. On their new full-length, There Is a Bomb in Gilead, Bains and his quartet explore a brand-new South: “Everything You Took” mentions a Walker Percy novel and a Ramones T-shirt, while “Magic City Stomp” is garage-rock that quotes the Stones’ “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.” Bains has brains and humor, and the band can really stomp.” – Edd Hurt / NASHVILLE SCENE

“Guitarist/singer/songwriter Lee Bains III leads his Birmingham, Alabama–based band in a raucous exploration of the intersection between garage rock, soul, country and punk on this full-length debut. Not unlike acts like The Black Keys, Bains manages to merge these styles into a rollicking, timeless sound with plenty of six-string swagger.” – GUITAR WORLD

Tuesday's Hard on BFP Music: Of Empires

Of Empires' John Smith posted an update in our Facebook metal group today! :
"Heavy music fans, I have my band's debut. Check it out and help us grow. Thank you."
So here they are!
I checked them out and figured I would share. It's actually quite strange. I don't mean this as a negative thing at all. I visualize a demon riding on the back of an elf. The elf sings nice melodic tunes, tripping the light fantastic with a lilting voice...then the demon surges out from his shoulders, screaming and writhing in a mass of tentacles and flames, blue lava spewing from his mouth, only to subside a short time later back into soft shoulders. It's quite confusing. 
 "Of Empires is a band with a unique vision - making heavy music friendlier for the masses." (from their profile)
Go check them out and like their page. I like it when people try to mix it up and do something different. Let's watch these guys together and see what they do!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday's Hard on BFP Music: Gorephanage

OK! These kids scare the hell out of me! These hardcore metal assignments are starting to freak me out. On their Facebook page is a single line "To Decimate This World!" I mean damn! I put on the headphones and click play and things inside start to bleed. I don't know if it's real blood, or some kind of psycho, spirit of the damned kind of mental bleeding. But it's frightening!  

I'm going to go sit under a tree for a while and drink some warm tea...until the shaking stops.  

In the spring of 2008 Etzar,Said and Deon formed unofficially. They jammed covers in Deon's Basement including Sonne, My own summer, for whom the bell tolls, and laid to rest. They practiced like this for quite awhile and in July/August 08 Ryan started coming to practice. They continued working on covers and started writing originals. It was during this time that we discovered our name and was from then on known as Gorephanage. In January of 09, Gorephanage found a singer named Pat who became the first vocalist of Gorephanage. They continued writing originals like basement sex slave, Gorephanage/kill burn destroy and the choice is yours. They played their first show at the battle of the bands in august at the zydeco. it was a major fail but still a great experience for the band soon after Pat left the band. in November 2010 pat had to leave the band due to unforeseen circumstances. the following December Ryan met with bobby and discussed an open position for lead singer. Soon after bobby started coming to practices and Gorephanage was whole once again

Many moons ago stood an orphanage. This orphanage was an unusual one. One where children did not miss behave, or they were never seen again. Late at night you could hear the screams, but that was it. Ear piercing cries of shear terror. The male children were forced to fight till death to survive once they turned the age of 10. The females were forced into sex labor after hitting puberty. Those chosen to live were taught in the ways of Black Magic. They were trained as soldiers, assassins, and executioners. They were sent on public execution missions, and gathered new children. The children secretly called this nightmare the Gorephanage. We are the remaining orphans, and this world will fall to it's knees at our feet! Beg and plead for your life. Your cries will go unnoticed. From the ashes of humanity we will rebuild a new life. We are GOREPHANAGE!!!!

  • Etzar- Guitar/Rhythm
  • Deon- Bass
  • Said- Drums
  • Bobby- Vocals
  • Ryan- Guitar/Lead 
City: Birmingham

Monday's Infinite Add-Up Selection: Good Morning Lucy

Well as I sit and breathe, Good morning Lucy just uploaded 5 tracks on Soundcloud! One thing that the Internet and modern media has brought us is enumerable methods for sharing music. One thing that the Internet and modern media has brought us is enumerable methods for sharing music. Yes...I meant to say that twice. The first time I was happy and dancing. The second time I was slouching and confused by it all. The number of choices for tracking down your local favorites is growing. There are umpteen million different sites that post downloaded music, sell mp3s on behalf of musicians, paste profiles and connect to social media. There are even sites that make your coffee and wipe your backside for you. But I'm not supposed to talk about those yet.

We're attempting to funnel as much of that information and those links into one local source where the confusion and that "lost in the crowd" feeling can be minimized (I did not say eliminated).

Good Morning Lucy just put 5 tracks into their Soundloud account. Cool. Well we at BFP Music float around and monitor these sorts of things, and attempt to increase our networking capabilities every day. Contacting local musicians, asking questions, linking, writing etc (and we get to keep the music playing all the time so it is actually pretty selfish).

Today we're featuring Good Morning Lucy by the way! Take a minute to listen to their stuff. Go like their page. Go follow them. Go buy a track or two. This is local music!

The early version of the group formed in the Winter of 2008. After searching for the right caliber of people to solidify the group, Good Morning Lucy formed in February of 2009. All members of GML share an extensive history of sharing the stage with acts such as: Live, Pete Yorn, The Rising, Dexter Freebish, The Blake Babies, Jurassic 5, Sparticle (members of Spacehog and Blind Melon), Ryan Cabrera… and many other national and regionally touring acts. They have made televised appearances on ABC, and received airplay on radio stations and pod casts, which have been streamed and downloaded around the world. Great things are in store for this group in the near future. They have been defined as, “Modern Rock Juggernauts”(Warning Track Records), and now have the opportunity to become a household name.

  • Benjamin Jones / Guitars, Vocals
  • Andrew Cromer / Guitars, Vocals
  • Kyle Godwin / Guitars
  • Kason Godwin / Bass
  • Ashton Raymer / Drums

City: Birmingham

Good morning Lucy 

  • Between You and I
Good Morning Lucy: Between You and I

  • Through the Night
Good Morning Lucy: Through the Night


Monday Morning Clean-up

Last week was a busy week in Birmingham music. Here's a recap of the items we offered. Click title to read the article: 

Secret Stages came and went. What we saw was great. Please let us know what your experience was like. We would like to know your opinion. Ours is that this was a great line-up and the guys putting it together did a great job. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Musician's Introduction to Twitter

Follow freepressmusic on Twitter

By Bobby Shiflett

I've been actively using twitter for the past several weeks and have started getting my groove for it. I thought I'd share what I've learned. 

There are a whole lot of music enthusiasts, promoters, bands etc using twitter and they're eager to meet new artists and hear new music. One of the first things I recommend is to not use Twitter to merely hawk your material which soon becomes nothing more than spam. Rather, use Twitter to engage others and to create relationships based on mutual interests.

Initially, I began by looking at bands that I like and by looking at their follows and followers. Often I'd simply follow them and wait to see if they followed back. Well over half the time, they do. The best way to begin getting acquainted with another twitter user is by promoting via shoutouts and retweets things that they are engaged in. I found that by simply doing that and not even initially mentioning my cd or music ...which is already on my Twitter profile, after all,... that people's natural curiousity will lead them to what you're doing, and if its the sort of thing that they're into, they'll not only check it out, but tell others. Every so often, plug your work, but try to be creative and tasteful in how you do it. Here is an example of one that I have used with some success ..success being measured in retweets and hits to the page:

FREE★mp3@ ♫ ☮Dwnld "Bread" by @alamantra 4 FREE. Like it? Share it! Thanks!! #indie #music #RT
Sometimes I tweet a straight-up call to action and ask people to check out my CD page:

Other times I send shoutouts to the people who have been retweeting and giving me shoutouts. At the end of the tweet, I may put something to the effect of "Brought2U by:"

Ex: #ThunderRoad #Thursday #ShoutOut #Follow @freepressmuic @SouthboundRadio @royaltoulouse Brought2U by:

The hashtag (#) is an important part of twitter. It categories tweets aggregated from across the Twitter-verse. Those following a particular hashtag will see any tweets using it. So I often use hastags like #indie #music #indiemusic etc. They also compose a sort of shorthand and many of the more common hastags are:

#Follow #FB (Follow Back)  #RT (Retweet) #FF (Follow Friday) and so on.
These indicate to other twitter users if you're looking for follows and are willing to follow back. #FollowFriday: Friday is sort of the unofficial "follow" day. Many, many people look to follow and be followed on Fridays. There is even a free site called that greatly simplifies the task of putting together follow lists. It collects those who have mentioned or retweeted your tweets for a given week as well as those you've retweeted or mentioned. You can create a message and then just click through the list and it will add their names to the tweet. I use this to cross-promote those who regularly promote my tweets. It is amazingly effective.

Other very useful tools for Twitter include: This free site shows you those you are following but who are not following back, as well as those who are following you, but you haven't followed back. Initially, Twitter only allows you to follow 2000 people. In order to go beyond that, you have to have nearly that many following you back. Beyond 2000 follows the number of people you can follow is based on percentages of follow backs. So Tweepi is important for grooming your twitter follow lists.

There is also Tweet Deck This allows you to create lists based on hashtags, who is mentioning or direct messaging you etc. It is very useful.

Most recently, I have discovered another promising application called Bottlenose: Like Tweet Deck, Bottlenose helps arrange a broad platform of social media: Twitter and Facebook etc. Further, it has a sort of sonar type screen that shows your relationships to hashtags, other social media users, and trending topics. This has a broad range of potential uses, such as finding people who are into very specific bands that may be similar to what you're doing.

Finally, I'd say to use twitter to find musicians, artists and others who may be interested in you, locally, and use it to develop relationships. These are the people who will support you in the area where you live. They are looking for people to support and acknowledge their interests as well. Do it. This is how scenes are built.

This little article is meant only as a general introduction to twitter. I hope that it helps and if you have specific issues you'd like to see addressed in a follow up, please leave a comment. Also feel free to follow me @alamantra. I follow back ;-)

Also, if you really liked this article and found it useful, make sure to follow @freepressmusic and tweet: #Follow #MustFollow >>> @freepressmusic <<< for #BirminghamMusic #news and #updates. #RT #music @alamantra

Mother's Day Memories

By Lee Waites

I remember sitting on the bleachers listening to my brother's band play in the high school talent show. The students were screaming and clapping and going crazy. Probably just the fact that a rock and roll band was up on their little stage was exciting enough. And the following act. I felt so bad. It was a cute little act with two girls singing a gospel song, clapping and trying to get the audience involved. But kids don't care. They were all so slap-happy to have rock and roll right there in front of them, they might as well have thrown rocks at those two little girls. I was so proud of those two also, because even though the kids made some awful "Gong Show" references and there were some jeers, they kept going and kept clapping. They were good singers. They just didn't need to follow the rock and roll. 

At times throughout my life, I recall Jeff trying to work with me on my various vocal and sax parts. It would get so frustrating because he always had to have everything perfect. He would drill, and we would repeat...and then finally he would doctor it up somehow. I always wanted to just throw some reverb into it and scream. He has been committed to getting things right his whole life, even when I was just committed to dancing with girls and the rolling party.

On this mother's day, which happens to also be my birthday, I want to indulge for a minute in my pride, my brother Jeff, appropriately, since he is one of the best gifts my mother and I could ever have had.  

Jeff currently plays bass in two bands, that I know of. It's hard to keep up with his peripheral projects because he never stops going. But there are always a couple of bands that are a constant. Right now it's the High Fidelics and the Original Shake Charmers. Both are similar in being instrumental, with no vocal parts, and very Ventures-esque, sort of 50s rock and roll, pre-surfer surfer music, driving a convertible with fins, speeding like a bat out of hell with a girl in the passenger seat holding on to her scarf kind of thing.     

The shows are very energized and fun. There is showmanship, there is audience engagement, there are outfits and of course, rockin' music. 
The sound is very vintage. The High Fidelics hail from Birmingham, while the Shake Charmers roll out of Tuscaloosa. Both are well worth the trip to see.
The girls on the dance-floor are bouncing and playful. And yes, there are some scarves to be seen. 

Jeff's musical evolution is, I'm sure, far from over. At nearly 50 he holds onto a youthful energy that belies his age. He seems to flow easily from scene to scene, and mesh socially with people of all ages. He's played in too many bands and projects for me to list, or even recall. A few highlights pop out: one is the Wall Street Traitors. A drastic contrast from the bands listed above, the Wall Street Traitors have a raw, hard punk sound filled with political and social messages. I don't know for certain what their schedule would be. I do know they recently had a weed pulled out of their garden, so to speak. So maybe we'll see some more from them soon.

Some of you might remember Subject to Change, Jeff's first band to emerge on the Birmingham scene, from the days of the Eclectic Theatre, The Loft, Storkland, Tuxedo Junction and the like.  I refuse to search too hard for pictures from this time as you might get a glimpse of my hair as it was then. I'm not comfortable with this idea. But it was the early 80s. That should explain it.

I know there are those who might read this and snark that I have left out some bands. Well, how could I not. The man came out of high school, guitar swinging, and hasn't stopped since. He helped me form my morals when we were growing up, always doing the best he could to help or protect or fight for those who needed it. His commitment to doing the right thing is, at times, exhausting. How can someone have so much energy? My favorite image of him is that fresh, all-American, freckle-faced kid in the shopping cart, full of hope and enthusiasm, waving to every person he saw. Grown up, stronger, a bit edgier, he has somehow protected that part of himself through all the knocks and disappointments. I wish there were some way I could show him how extremely proud I am of him. I love you Jeff.