Thursday, April 12, 2012

Where have all the pioneers gone....

There aren't many pioneering bands left in Birmingham and the ones that are left are slowly fading away...not the case for Skeptic? a local underground punk band that has been working through the highs and the lows of local music since the early 1800's. One thing can be said about skeptic? is that these men have heart! the band has gone through many transformations and even the loss of a great bassist,Jon. the event is to help out Jon's family so along with local legends skeptic?, Random Conflict, Black Hole Kids, Ballswag, Babylonius Monologue, The Ouchies (and a special guest performance by PMS) will be playing a benefit show on 4/20 at the spring street firehouse to raise money for such a great cause! for more info: {CLICK HERE}


  1. hi bfp. thanks for the plug, but just to clarify, jon's family could certainly afford a tombstone, we just wanted to do something nice for our friend, and to get some of our other old friends in other bands that he knew together to help out for what to us is a very worthy cause. thanks, skeptic?

    1. that link don't work...let's try this...