Thursday, April 26, 2012

Birmingham's Thothamon: This is Heavy

By Doug Ward 

Birmingham's Thothamon is a rare breed of Metal band. The music sounds like it evolved outside of the influence of that whole “tune low and play fast” school of music. The band's impromptu motto is exactly the opposite-”Low and Slow Forever”.

You can hear what seems like a direct lineage to Black Sabbath and St. Vitus but there's almost Meat Puppets like energy. The overused description of raw actually fits here, but there's something else... Stories.

You See kids, once upon a time the metal gods actually weaved tales from literature into music. Robert Plant's interest in J.R.R. Tolkien was a great part of Zeppelin's fourth album . The band Black Sabbath was inspired not only by the Boris Karloff film of the same name, but by the writings of Dennis Yates Wheatley. Hell, the first time the term Heavy Metal was used was in the 1962 novel Soft Machine by William S. Burroughs.

Thothamon is keeping this literary tradition alive. The name comes from a character in The Phoenix on the Sword by Robert E. Howard and their music spins tales that reach from the Norse sagas all the
way to H.P. Lovecraft . "The new material has some Tolkien inspired songs," said Colt McCormick, the band's lead guitarist. "One called Dark riders... and another we are working on about Gollum. His tale is perfect for Doom...he loves the ring but wants so bad to be rid of it. An inner struggle." 

The trademark low and slow “ doom” metal sound of Colt McCormick and John Bella, the band's two original members, has evolved its way through three drummers and four vocalists before reaching its current sound, which now includes Ryan Lamb on lead vocals.

“ We were going to add a second guitar but I added a Big muff peddle to my gear and decided it filled
out the sound where we only needed one guitar” Said McCormick.

If its anything like The Doom That Came To Sarnath , My Heel, Your Throat  or most of the band's past material, expect it to be slow....heavy....and much deeper then you hear on the surface.

These guys are a bit of an underdog in the Birmingham scene . Willing to play “anytime, anywhere
with anyone “ that kind of attitude should go a long way.

Thothamon gives you everything you should expect from a hard working local band. The style of Metal they feel they are called to play is not the “ New thing out,” it's a tried and true form that will be around for a long time, long after some of today's metal offshoots are forgotten . These guys have a pure sound. Their songs actually mean something. They have a fantastic attitude toward both fans and other local bands...they really deserve a listen.

Watch for them June 18th at Matthews Bar and grill.

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