Thursday, March 1, 2012

Women in the Music Industry

Whether it’s finding a place to play, having enough money to put gas in the car to travel to a gig, much less pay the bills, or having no audience to play to, musicians face many struggles. This is especially true for women musicians as they work to be allowed to be themselves and not be tied down to the role of “sex object” in a “boys club” industry where even the music can  sometimes be misogynistic. The following video reveals three of the major struggles that many believe women musicians face.

Amber O'Shea is a music lover, photographer, and writer who loves the local scene. Transplanted to Montgomery from Florida, she enjoys reading, traveling, and history, and tries her best not to deafen people with her guitar "playing." Her work can be seen at She can also be followed on Twitter at @MusicLocalScene.

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