Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lucky Man Presents at Metro Bar

  Live from the cozy confines of the Metro in ever-resurging downtown Birmingham,
and podcasting straight to your earbuds, it's Lucky Man Presents...! 

Lucky Man Presents... is a throwback to old variety shows, where
entertainers from all over the spectrum of the arts come to perform.
LMP's focus will be mainly on local and regional musicians, comedians,
poets, performance artists, and hopefully, much more.  In addition to
the various performances, the artists will be interviewed by host, J
David Black.  This is one of the things that will make LMP stand out.
Interviews with the performers will help bridge the gap between
audience and artist and bring a deeper appreciation of the
performance.  LMP will also feature an audio podcast of the show,
available soon after.

J David Black is the Lucky Man.  He is one-half of the duo that has
brought us Friday on My Mind, a member of Red Mountain Family Band,
and the host of Lucky Man Presents.  David got the idea for LMP while
watching a DVD of the Johnny Cash Show.  The interview portions of the
show were just as important to the audience, and artist, as the actual

Poets, Artists, Comedians, Musicians of all genres, and Interesting People f
rom All Walks of Life will be sharing the stage!!

For our premiere outing, we'll be hearing from (and, just as importantly, talking to):

Husband- a lovely trio playing some fabulous, obscure country gems.

Hank Lazard- http://www.hanklazard.com/ - the only ventriloquist act worth it's weight in wood!!!

Matt Layne- award-winning local poet, librarian, storyteller, and Master of Ceremonies at Dia De Los Muertos!!!

Red Mountain Family Band- http://soundcloud.com/redmountainfamilyband - we'lll be premiering our new singer, the beautiful and talented Camille Marie Autry!!

plus, a surprise interview with one of our audience members!! Even we don't know who it'll be!!

Can't make it out that night?? No worries, we'll be recording it all and posting it on the web for everyone to hear @ http://luckymanpresents.wordpress.com/

So come on out Wed, Feb 15! 

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