Thursday, January 5, 2012

What this is.

I am inviting ALL local musicians to participate in our new blog. You may post your promotional material, videos, show dates, opinions, pretty much anything music related. 
This new blog will be designed to communicate with the public. I will market it and retain the right to publish anything presented there in our print version if it is brilliant and/or otherwise engaging. 
This will be a BFP sponsored blog with the intent of allowing local musicians to have a voice in and to the community. I will create a Birmingham Music News Twitter feed and automate some of the posting in order to streamline the feeds. To some this might seem redundant given the services we have already provided for communication. Trust me that this is a different creature altogether. In order to post you must have a Google account and be added as a contributor. If you are a local musician I will do this as soon as possible after you request it. I only need your email address to make you a contributor. I and our interns will be posting a long range calendar on this blog. We will pull from this calendar and post daily to the Big List on any given day. This will allow you to keep us current and up to date on your shows or any of which you know. The involvement of local musicians in communicating show dates, changes and general information regarding local music is invaluable. Newsy types can only know so much. And far too often make silly mistakes. I will provide more information on the blog. And welcome ANY and ALL comments or suggestions. I will be managing this blog to keep it relevant and on topic. But the topic is promotional in nature, so most things not in extremely poor taste will be allowed.
It has been rumored that the World is ending soon. So we need to hurry!

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