Sunday, January 8, 2012

Presenting Birmingham Music News (BFP Style)

BFP Music, the local music arm of The Birmingham Free Press would like to introduce you to our latest creation, Birmingham Music News. We have created a blog for local music news which will have contributors from the local music scene. Local musicians will be able to post their own updates, show listings, videos, opinions,  press releases and more... 

As the contributors present us with their content we will make it available through our news outlet and social media. Or you may follow the blog through Google and get direct updates. This service will provide another opportunity for local musicians to post links to their blogs, provide us with articles from the unique inside perspective of musicians, post videos where they will not get lost in the rapid turn around of most social media and allow local musicians to contribute in other ways that cannot yet be imagined, as this is an open forum for them to communicate with the public, a one stop shop for local music. 

The only rules are to keep it fairly clean, keep it only local, Alabama or Alabama based bands, and remember that this is a public blog open for view for everyone. So use good judgement. We will not over edit or harshly censor. If we do we will let you know why. 

Any local musicians interested in participating should contact us at Send us a link to your blog and we will post it on the links page.   


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  1. Musicians. Let me know if the invites come through for you. It will be from Sunvarmint.