Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Updated: Local Musician Loses Home to Tornado

Scroll down for date and time of benefits.

Local musician, Ross Butler, lost his home and almost all of his worldly possessions when a tornado touched down in Oak Grove on Monday.  The photo above shows Butler standing in front of the lot where his home used to be.

Band-mate, Greg McNair of Sexy Tractor, is working to put together a relief benefit for the Butler family.  "He lost his home and almost all of his possessions" Said McNair. "To add insult to injury, in December after playing a gig for Sexy Tractor in Hueytown, he was robbed at gunpoint along with everyone left in the bar. The following morning, his wife totalled their family car. As you can imagine, that family is going through quite a lot."
 McNair is currently looking for a venue where the event can be held. He has reached out to others in the local music community on behalf of the Butler family and is in the process of booking other local performers eager to help a friend in need.  
McNair says that even though the family has lost everything, they're responding to the tragedy as well as can be expected. "Let me say that in the face of any tragedy, I want Ross and Amber at my side. They didn't show anything but hope and uplift the entire time I was there. We joked often, smiled a lot, and they held their heads up nonstop. Everything is gone. I mean, gone. Their son's bedroom carpet is 40' up a tree, 500' from their foundation. There were no standing walls, no steps, nothing vertical, not any indication that a house once stood there. Insulation littered everything, and it contaminated all of their clothing, towels, rugs, sheets, furniture, and even his motorcycle and musical instruments. We were picking that pink crap out of his Telecaster! His guitars survived with damage, but his amplifiers are destroyed. Their appliances are mangled, door-less, chunks of bent metal. Computers and laptops are gone. Books soaked, pictures ruined, dishes destroyed. Bathroom contents (toiletries and makeup) are nowhere to be found. They have to start entirely from scratch. Yes, they have their health. Yes, they got out physically unscathed. But I cannot imagine how difficult it will be to rebuild from new. They still have jobs to work. All around them, life will continue its nutty pace. And they'll be stuck in molasses trying to catch up. That sort of stress is powerful stuff."
 We will post further information here on how you can help the Butler family. And we'll tell you when you can go see the benefit show, enjoy some music and do some good all at once.
Currently two benefits are scheduled: 
Tuesday, Feb. 7, there will be a show at Rogue Tavern 
Sexy Tractor// Mile Marker 7// Pharmhand//  the M-80s//Outshine. Starts at 8PM

Friday, Feb. 17,  Gip's Place 
Sexy Tractor// Pharmhand// Mile Marker 7//Elijah Butler Band Starts at 9 PM

Donations of cash or gift cards in the amount of $10 are requested at the door. 
No supplies will be collected at the shows 

Friday, January 20, 2012